Alternative Photography – Polaroid Emulsion Lifts

Back in college, I had the pleasure of studying under Professor Amy George at Stephen F. Austin State University’s in the Art Department. For someone with a photojournalism background, adjusting to art school was hard. But, the more I opened my mind and let go, the more my creativity took over, and I was able to explore an entirely new side of myself.

We did a semester on alternative photography processes, and I got hooked. I was familiar with cyanotype prints, but Polaroid emulsion lifts and transfers fascinated me. I fell in love, and after I graduated, I saved up and purchased film and a machine to continue the prints.

It had been years since I pulled out my alternative photography supplies, and I was itching for an opportunity to put them to use. As our first wedding anniversary approached, I thought of the perfect gift.

Because your first anniversary gift is supposed to be paper, I thought the emulsion lift placed on paper would be just the thing to give Eric.

The process isn’t too difficult, as long as you have the materials and follow the directions.

Everything you need for a Polaroid emulsion lift.
Everything you need for a Polaroid emulsion lift.

For more information on the process, check out’s post here.

The final product was a photo of our toasting glasses, a special gift from one of my long-time friends.